29 March 2010

White Room with Fast Molasses


I've been going over to my neighbor Christopher's house to play cello a lot lately. A couple nights ago his buddy S.wee came over from ...Pittsburgh? and I brought the cello, and we played some sweet shit, and recorded it, and here it is.

We were in a completely white room in the attic with a really lovely window. The house is pretty old.

Guess you could tag this as Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks featuring The Sneaky Mister, or the other way around, as you see fit.

1. Spring (Song of the Day #40)
Vox and cello: me
Guitars: Christopher and S.wee

2. Wayfarin' Stranger -- actual song doesn't start 'til almost halfway through
Vox and cello: me
Guitars: Christopher and S.wee

3. Unknown (Savannah)
Vox and guitar: S.wee
Cello and vox: me
Guitar: Christopher

4. Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills and Nash)
Vox and guitar: me
Awesome harmonica: Christopher
Guitar: S.wee

23 March 2010

About Song a Day Hiatus


Hi, maybe you noticed that Song a Day kicked back up and then stopped--I have legit reasons for this. I'm working on all three albums (details in last post), getting ready for a veritable wave of shows with the Sneaky Mister Friends, slowly preparing the new website, and trying to stay sane while working full-time. I love Song a Day, though, and plan on starting it up again as soon as I have a moment to breathe. This will likely be when the new site is done.


20 March 2010

About Upcoming Albums


Yes, albumS.

Is This a Thing? has a tentative release schedule of June. All of the songs are mostly recorded; I have to redo some parts, and get them to Pete to mix and master, then send them out for pressing and get super-cool custom CD sleeves done before they arrive so I can stuff them.

Small Strange World is an EP and has a tentative release schedule of July. I'm working on it almost simultaneously. It is highly spring/summer themed. It may or may not be a physical release.

Pretty doesn't even have a tentative release schedule, but it has a very strong concept, and some songs already. More on that later.

13 March 2010

Song of the Day #41: "Weird"


Last weekend after our second show, I had nowhere to stay and was just gonna drive back to Akron at about 2 in the morning (which means I'd get there at 4, and I had work the next day), and then this kid Isaac made friends with me and I ended up sleeping on his buddy Charles's floor.

This happens to me a lot. I have a bad habit of not finding places to stay when I'm traveling, and then ending up meeting people who offer to let me sleep on their floor/couch/in their bed. That was how we got along in Scotland.

So I wrote this song.

41. Weird

Life is weird
And it's a small, strange world

When I travel, I don't know where I'll sleep at night
And so far I haven't been stranded under a streetlight
I love people, and making brand-new friends at 2 a.m.
What, me worry, when I found mutual friends with them

08 March 2010

Song of the Day #40: "Spring"


Man, you don't know how ecstatic I am. It's not like I have seasonal depression or anything; but when spring comes, MAN.

Okay, so this song uses a form that's very common. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but there are a ton of popular songs that use this progression/similar melody. I use it here because it gets the job done. It's an ecstatic melody.

40. Spring

Spring reminds me of when I was sixteen
And I didn't worry about anything
And I had these friends, we'd go to the park
And swing in the day, and catch frogs after dark

So I'm scared to die because it's clear to me
There's no point to anything that I can see
But spring has a point that I just can't define
Besides: lying outside, I know everything's fine

07 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung


...The grass is riz, I wonder where the boidies is?

Friday, yesterday and today have been totally gorgeous, and my friends Noah and Noah and I had a picnic in Whetstone Park of Roses, and I was going to write a song and make a video in the park, but I was too jumpy so didn't.

Anyway, here is a picture:

It was drawn by a graphic designer dude named Ron Horsley at our second show this weekend, for "Fox," which is about The Little Prince (inspired by the awful music in the '70s movie version, with Gene Wilder as the fox and Bob Fosse as the snake).

I forgot my video camera and so didn't get anybody to record the show. Bummer. But we have another one in Columbus on April 10th, at Cafe Bourbon Street, with possible TWO CELLOS, and that time I won't forget.

04 March 2010

Demo and Shows!


  • 2 April -- FULL BAND
    The Overlook: 2351 N. 4th St. (house show), Columbus Ohio
    9 p.m. $5 (goes towards Afghanistan Relief Organization)
    with Johnny Workman, Trains Across the Sea and Saintseneca

  • 10 April -- FULL BAND
    Cafe Bourbon Street: 2216 Summit St. Columbus Ohio
    9 p.m. cover TBA
    with The Metagame and Black Love

    The Treehouse: 887 Chambers Rd. Columbus Ohio
    9ish. cover TBA
    with Jonathan Hape

  • 15 May -- SOLO
    Goodbye Blue Monday: 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn NY
    8 p.m. FREE
    with Deborah Says Play, Liana Stillman, Land of Dreams


1. Stupid
2. Ocean (not official track)
3. Gone
4. Again


02 March 2010

01 March 2010

Video of "Friend" with Casio beat