08 March 2010

Song of the Day #40: "Spring"


Man, you don't know how ecstatic I am. It's not like I have seasonal depression or anything; but when spring comes, MAN.

Okay, so this song uses a form that's very common. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but there are a ton of popular songs that use this progression/similar melody. I use it here because it gets the job done. It's an ecstatic melody.

40. Spring

Spring reminds me of when I was sixteen
And I didn't worry about anything
And I had these friends, we'd go to the park
And swing in the day, and catch frogs after dark

So I'm scared to die because it's clear to me
There's no point to anything that I can see
But spring has a point that I just can't define
Besides: lying outside, I know everything's fine