16 June 2009

Song of the Day #16: "Blue" AND SCARLET STARLET RELEASE



My band finally released our new EP, Scarlet Starlet. Look!

THE ALPHABET: Scarlet Starlet

Also Song of the Day. Also, my cheap-ass mp3 player crapped out. Both of the headphone jacks (it had two) are broken.

16. Blue

When I'm blue
There's nothing I can do
Sometimes I talk it through
But I don't talk to you
Because I know
I'll only make you sad
And I'll feel really bad
And you'll feel really bad

When I'm sad
There's nothing you can say
To make me feel okay
I usually talk
When no one's there
It makes me feel insane
And soggy in the brain
But I feel right again

14 June 2009

Song of the Day #15: "Hate"


My new flat in Edinburgh has an awful, awful piano that's almost entirely out of tune and half the keys don't play at all. This was done on the few that still work. To distract from the horribly ill tuning, I recorded it on tape and then jiggled the tape recorder for vibrato. It sort of worked.

15. Hate

I'm scared of you
You have sharp teeth
You're unbearable
I hate you

Your father is
A piece of flesh
An open sore
I hate you

Your body is
It smells like poo
I hate you

Your father is
A headless dog
A bleeding toe
I hate you

10 June 2009

What About Song a Day?


It's been on a brief hiatus, admittedly not because I've been wicked busy, but because I've wanted to relax between graduation and travel. It shall recommence Saturday when I'm moderately settled.

I realize that I promised a release of Milk and Cookies for last month and didn't. I did the album inserts and got the discs and everything, but I never finished it up and put them all together. So I guess it'll remain the free downloads for now. I have a couple later versions of songs on a hard drive which I formatted incorrectly and refuses to mount in Linux, but today I'm seeing if it'll mount in Windows and maybe I can get those off there and post them up here.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who follow The Alphabet, "Friend" is being initiated into the band. I have to find a sufficient organ sound before we can play it live, though.

We had an awesome show in Pittsburgh last night. I expected it to suck 'cause there was a hockey game on and there were TVs in the bar, but the audience was very attentive and appreciative and bought lots of CDs, and Pittsburgh won just as "Mind Is a Box" was ending so we got extra tumultuous applause and everyone was in a good mood. I hope they remember us as the band that was playing when Pittsburgh beat Detroit's ass.

04 June 2009

Songs of the Day #13 & 14: "Mind_v2" and "City"


Hi, I'm at my parents' house for a week before Scotland (so soon! Oh my gosh..) and my piano is here, but more importantly their baby grand, so I've been enjoying that.

I rearranged and recorded "Mind" which was Song of the Day #6. I decided rerecordings are okay as long as there's some kind of rewriting or rearrangement going on. I wrote a couple extra verses to "Columbus" recently and Forest and I bought an electric guitar named Jackie O so there'll be a new recording of that probably over the weekend, too.

"City" is about Akron, where my parents moved right before I went to college. I've never spent any longer than two or three weeks here, but that first chunk of three weeks happened to be a super-pivotal point, complete with geographical, educational, employment and romantic upheaval, so just about everything stuck with me hard and now it gives me this weird distant-memory ghost impression every time I come to visit.

13. Mind_v2

I don't mind cleaning up people's messes
If it means that I can pay my rent tomorrow
I don't mind getting on my knees
On the floor if it means that I eat tomorrow
I don't mind singing on the street
With a cap at my feet
And a megaphone at my lips
If it means I can pay the bills with my tips
Or maybe have a little bit left over for a drink
Before I scrub another sink
I don't mind

14. City

This city reminds me of
Memories I never made
But they all got the smells with them

I think I saw only one
Movie at Highland Theatre
But it's got that look to it

And Market Street sounds like
An album I listened to twice
And it sticks in my head so fast

I don't even know where I'm
Going but it's so familiar
I think I belong here despite myself