28 July 2009

Song of the Day #20: "Gone"


Okay, maybe not EVERY day this week. In my defense, I've actually been super busy. It's a good thing.

21. Gone

I like movies and I like parties
When I do stuff around you I get happy
But I don't wanna ask you over
And I don't wanna show up 'cause you might be gone
Or with your girlfriend

25 July 2009

Songs of the day #19 and #20


This morning I had a spurt of motivation and decreed that there will in fact be a song a day for the next week. Nothing's holding me back, man.

19. Columbus v2

Hey, Columbus
Every time I miss you and come running
You just disappoint me once again
Whetstone Park is great, but not the suburbs
And those keep getting bigger every time I come around

The cap over 670* is made of styrofoam
And I wonder when I drive around what happened to my home

Hey, Columbus
What's up with those skyscrapers on campus**
Oh; that's where the hipsters go to play
The Coffee Table*** has become a restaurant
I mean, ComFest**** is still great, but can't you keep the Short North***** real

The yuppies in their jogging outfits look all skin and bone
And I wonder when I drive around what happened to my home

* I-670, which runs through downtown. A few years ago they built a fancy cap over the bridge, modeled after the old Union Station, with arches and pillars and trendy coffee shops, only it seriously looks like it's made of beige polystyrene
** Shortly thereafter they built a skyscraper-inspired shopping complex and movie theater at the base of the Ohio State University Campus.
*** A fun friendly cafe in the Short North with cool mismatched furniture and a couple of slightly weird Elvis statues. Now a sit-down restaurant with a grand piano
**** Community Festival, last weekend in June at Goodale Park in the Short North/Victorian Village, many music stages, face painting, hippie clothes, food, pot smoking, all-volunteer-run
***** Area of High Street just north of downtown, home of monthly Gallery Hop. Once home of gay bookstores, head shops, local coffee shops and burger joints, and sweet galleries. Now home of posh restaurants, condos, and shitty galleries. Gallery Hop in turn has shed most of its worthwhile street acts, including the stilts walkers and breakdancers, and seems mostly to be a couple of brave music students who are completely ignored by the now white, middle-aged, polo-shirt-wearing crowd.]

20. Stop

I don't wanna take any of your money
So stop buying me things all the time
I like walking so please do not offer
To drive me around in your stupid-ass car

You're pretty stupid if you think I think you're just nice
You never listen you just spout your witty insights
As MC Chris said you just wanna get all up in my tights

14 July 2009

Song of the Day #18: "Ocean_v2"


I did a bathtub ukulele and acoustic bass version of "Ocean." By bathtub, I mean I recorded in the bathtub. Here it is.

18. Ocean v2

Let's go to the ocean
I can see a mist
The plankton will be glowing blue
The oysters will be pissed
We'll run along the sandbar with them
Spitting at our toes
The waves will lap our ankles
And soggy all our clothes

Let's bring a tub of pesto
And eat it on the sand
And play a little footsie
And I will hold your hand
Yes I will hold your hand

05 July 2009

Song of the Day #17: "Tired"


I just got a ukulele! It's mustard yellow and its name is Geoffrey. Chords on the ukulele, I've discovered, are really really easy. It's definitely an instant instrument favorite.

Sorry there have been so few songs of the day lately. They should really start to pick back up when I can find regular piano access. Things have been kind of a bummer on and off lately, too; it's difficult being in a strange country and things back home seem really far away and it's difficult to get ahold of people sometimes, and I'm trying to do band stuff and the enthusiasm of new listeners and award nominations (we got an award nomination! Look at The Alphabet website!) is a bit dampened by harsh words from old listeners who I sometimes wish would just listen to something else and keep quiet, since we are clearly not the band for them, and that's fine by me.


17. Tired

It's July
And I'm so tired
And I'm so tired
When I try
I get so tired
I feel so tired

Millions of eyes avert each other fixing on a void so they keep themselves alone
Millions of feet and arms skirt each other and I know that our bodies feel alone
Millions of people talk on the telephone and wonder why we have to feel alone
And I try to adjust but it changes around me and I'm alone