05 July 2009

Song of the Day #17: "Tired"


I just got a ukulele! It's mustard yellow and its name is Geoffrey. Chords on the ukulele, I've discovered, are really really easy. It's definitely an instant instrument favorite.

Sorry there have been so few songs of the day lately. They should really start to pick back up when I can find regular piano access. Things have been kind of a bummer on and off lately, too; it's difficult being in a strange country and things back home seem really far away and it's difficult to get ahold of people sometimes, and I'm trying to do band stuff and the enthusiasm of new listeners and award nominations (we got an award nomination! Look at The Alphabet website!) is a bit dampened by harsh words from old listeners who I sometimes wish would just listen to something else and keep quiet, since we are clearly not the band for them, and that's fine by me.


17. Tired

It's July
And I'm so tired
And I'm so tired
When I try
I get so tired
I feel so tired

Millions of eyes avert each other fixing on a void so they keep themselves alone
Millions of feet and arms skirt each other and I know that our bodies feel alone
Millions of people talk on the telephone and wonder why we have to feel alone
And I try to adjust but it changes around me and I'm alone


  1. Try not to be down about harsh words. I love your old and your new music and I don't know what negative things they would have to say, because I do not think you are really that different now from before even if you do mix it up now with remixes and the occasional funny rave song, or punk rock thing, or the word "huzzah," or a chamber piece turned industrial-ish, or a video-game sounding train song, etc. What did they say in a nutshell? I like the remixes and you've made recent songs which at heart share what I love about your older stuff. They should appreciate that you and your band are some of the most talented musicians ever. I want to read about your nomination; it hasn't showed up on the website yet.
    Oh, and you are not obliged to apologize. Free songs are a privilege, not a right to be taken for granted. What do you mean regular piano access? Why not use an electric keyboard?

  2. I can't comment on the Alphabet website, and I figure you might have updated that, but you realise you've not only been nominated for Station Waggin but also the entire album?

    Now I'll download Song of the Day 4-17.