24 April 2011

Easter Is for Covers!

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Of awesome songs that remind me of spring, of course.

Modest Mouse:

The Shins:

Magnetic Fields:

Iron & Wine:


23 April 2011

Song of the Day #46: Carey

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Another one.

My world is round on the outside
But your world is round on the inside
And my world has trains and buildings and people
And your world has blood worms and glass

I go to parties and concerts
And restaurants and bars and the ocean
And earn myself money and learn things but you
Don't go to work and you don't go to class

Carey, I can't tell if you like me

Song of the Day #45: Bullshit

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Hey guys. Hey. Hey. I think this is gonna start happening again, starting today.

You're not the first to do me once
Then only wanna be my friend
And every time, I feel like crap
And have to start from scratch again
So then I try to problem-solve
And find and fix what's wrong with me
There's awful lots that I can see
It might be every part of me

So next I try pretending to
Be into doing people who
I wouldn't want to talk much to
And don't like the same things I do
But I'd be lying if I said
That bullshit doesn't make me sad
It doesn't matter who I do 'cause
In the end I'll end up feeling bad

22 April 2011

General News

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Joyce, Part 2 of the new release, is half done and should be about three-quarters done by the end of this weekend.

Also, I have a boyfriend. He's a Betta fish. His name is Carey. He's pink. He loves me. Some time there'll be pictures.