23 April 2011

Song of the Day #45: Bullshit

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Hey guys. Hey. Hey. I think this is gonna start happening again, starting today.

You're not the first to do me once
Then only wanna be my friend
And every time, I feel like crap
And have to start from scratch again
So then I try to problem-solve
And find and fix what's wrong with me
There's awful lots that I can see
It might be every part of me

So next I try pretending to
Be into doing people who
I wouldn't want to talk much to
And don't like the same things I do
But I'd be lying if I said
That bullshit doesn't make me sad
It doesn't matter who I do 'cause
In the end I'll end up feeling bad

1 comment:

  1. This song is rather amazing. You should record a version of it in the future!!!