04 June 2009

Songs of the Day #13 & 14: "Mind_v2" and "City"


Hi, I'm at my parents' house for a week before Scotland (so soon! Oh my gosh..) and my piano is here, but more importantly their baby grand, so I've been enjoying that.

I rearranged and recorded "Mind" which was Song of the Day #6. I decided rerecordings are okay as long as there's some kind of rewriting or rearrangement going on. I wrote a couple extra verses to "Columbus" recently and Forest and I bought an electric guitar named Jackie O so there'll be a new recording of that probably over the weekend, too.

"City" is about Akron, where my parents moved right before I went to college. I've never spent any longer than two or three weeks here, but that first chunk of three weeks happened to be a super-pivotal point, complete with geographical, educational, employment and romantic upheaval, so just about everything stuck with me hard and now it gives me this weird distant-memory ghost impression every time I come to visit.

13. Mind_v2

I don't mind cleaning up people's messes
If it means that I can pay my rent tomorrow
I don't mind getting on my knees
On the floor if it means that I eat tomorrow
I don't mind singing on the street
With a cap at my feet
And a megaphone at my lips
If it means I can pay the bills with my tips
Or maybe have a little bit left over for a drink
Before I scrub another sink
I don't mind

14. City

This city reminds me of
Memories I never made
But they all got the smells with them

I think I saw only one
Movie at Highland Theatre
But it's got that look to it

And Market Street sounds like
An album I listened to twice
And it sticks in my head so fast

I don't even know where I'm
Going but it's so familiar
I think I belong here despite myself


  1. ooh do your parents play piano, or did they get it mostly for you? If so, what styles or composers do they like to play?

  2. mind has been my favorite so far so I was really excited to see that you decided to redo it. I love the new version. I'd love to see it on an album some day.

  3. The baby grand is my stepmom's. She plays lots of things, mainly showtunes I think. My mom plays a little too. I don't think she ever took lessons. She was a cellist in high school.

  4. I love cello - It's one of my favorite instruments. May I get all nosy on you about the romantic, educational, and employment upheaval?

  5. I'm cool with people knowing I've had upheavals, like we all do, but the details are private.