10 June 2009

What About Song a Day?


It's been on a brief hiatus, admittedly not because I've been wicked busy, but because I've wanted to relax between graduation and travel. It shall recommence Saturday when I'm moderately settled.

I realize that I promised a release of Milk and Cookies for last month and didn't. I did the album inserts and got the discs and everything, but I never finished it up and put them all together. So I guess it'll remain the free downloads for now. I have a couple later versions of songs on a hard drive which I formatted incorrectly and refuses to mount in Linux, but today I'm seeing if it'll mount in Windows and maybe I can get those off there and post them up here.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who follow The Alphabet, "Friend" is being initiated into the band. I have to find a sufficient organ sound before we can play it live, though.

We had an awesome show in Pittsburgh last night. I expected it to suck 'cause there was a hockey game on and there were TVs in the bar, but the audience was very attentive and appreciative and bought lots of CDs, and Pittsburgh won just as "Mind Is a Box" was ending so we got extra tumultuous applause and everyone was in a good mood. I hope they remember us as the band that was playing when Pittsburgh beat Detroit's ass.


  1. when will we be able to purchase scarlet starlet? i am dying to have the whole thing. i cannot make it to any shows but i still want to be able to buy a physical copy. theres a very limited number, right?

  2. We sent a batch of CDs to CDbaby on Monday so however long it takes them to process them, usually a few days.

  3. so cool! i can't wait. =)

  4. the forest has an organ. HINT.