31 May 2009

Song of the Day #12: "Good"


I see a lot of people who have great lives: nice, financially supportive parents; educations; friends; their health. And they're grumpy all the time. Positivity is key to having a good life. Start today for only $19.99.

12. Good

There are good days
And there are good days
There are good days when bad things happen

There are good dreams
And there are good dreams
There are good dreams when bad things happen

There's a good life
And there's a good life
There's a good life when bad things happen
And there's a bad life, too

But yours is good
And mine is good
So let's go help some others

1 comment:

  1. I have some trouble waking up on time, so I bought a new alarm clock/radio and ipod so I can wake up to music of my choice rather than staticy radio, people talking, or horrible beeping. This song should be great to wake up to!