28 May 2009

Song of the Day #11: "Columbus"


This song is about my love/hate relationship with my hometown: I miss it, I miss my awesome high school with its sweet 1860s campus, there are a few good places to get bubble tea, every June there's ComFest, there are definitely things in Columbus worth missing. But I also often feel like it's this cluster of oases in a desert of suburbia, and the desert is surrounded by the flat void of soybean farms that is Ohio.

11. Columbus

Hey, Columbus
Every time I miss you and come running
You just disappoint me once again
Whetstone Park
Is great, but not the suburbs
And those keep getting bigger
Every time I come around

The cap over 670
Is made of styrofoam
And I wonder when I drive around
What happened to my home


  1. That was a lovely song, Judith.

    ...What's a 670?

  2. Thanks Roman! I-670 is a highway that goes through downtown and they built this cap over it with shops and stuff, and supposedly modeled it after the old Union Station that was demolished awhile ago...but it actually just looks like beige-colored styrofoam, it's awful.