13 March 2010

Song of the Day #41: "Weird"


Last weekend after our second show, I had nowhere to stay and was just gonna drive back to Akron at about 2 in the morning (which means I'd get there at 4, and I had work the next day), and then this kid Isaac made friends with me and I ended up sleeping on his buddy Charles's floor.

This happens to me a lot. I have a bad habit of not finding places to stay when I'm traveling, and then ending up meeting people who offer to let me sleep on their floor/couch/in their bed. That was how we got along in Scotland.

So I wrote this song.

41. Weird

Life is weird
And it's a small, strange world

When I travel, I don't know where I'll sleep at night
And so far I haven't been stranded under a streetlight
I love people, and making brand-new friends at 2 a.m.
What, me worry, when I found mutual friends with them


  1. <3 as usual

    btw, do you have the lyrics for hate (#15)?

  2. I think they are:

    I'm scared of you
    You have sharp teeth
    You're unbearable
    I hate you

    Your father is
    A piece of flesh
    An open sore
    I hate you

    Your body is
    It smells like poo
    I hate you

    Your father is
    A headless dog
    A bleeding toe
    I hate you

  3. THANK YOUUU <33333