20 March 2010

About Upcoming Albums


Yes, albumS.

Is This a Thing? has a tentative release schedule of June. All of the songs are mostly recorded; I have to redo some parts, and get them to Pete to mix and master, then send them out for pressing and get super-cool custom CD sleeves done before they arrive so I can stuff them.

Small Strange World is an EP and has a tentative release schedule of July. I'm working on it almost simultaneously. It is highly spring/summer themed. It may or may not be a physical release.

Pretty doesn't even have a tentative release schedule, but it has a very strong concept, and some songs already. More on that later.


  1. Dear Judith, these are truly great news, but I am confused. Will Is This a Thing be a Sneaky Mister release, or have you, Forest and Parker decided to go on under the name The Alphabeticals? Just curious really...

  2. Hey dude! The band is done for, and since I wrote all the songs, I'm releasing it under The Sneaky Mister. RIP Pretty Balanced/The Alphabet! Only not too much, because life is good.

  3. Dear Judith, sorry to hear about the alphabet breakup, but I'm happy to hear you were the primary song writer - so no big loss! Looking forward to your new releases, you are such an INCREDIBLE talent. I hope more people can discover you. Ever since I've heard you guys on A Dark Cabaret, you've had a 36-year-old female diehard fan here in SW Florida. World's a funny place, huh?