29 March 2010

White Room with Fast Molasses


I've been going over to my neighbor Christopher's house to play cello a lot lately. A couple nights ago his buddy S.wee came over from ...Pittsburgh? and I brought the cello, and we played some sweet shit, and recorded it, and here it is.

We were in a completely white room in the attic with a really lovely window. The house is pretty old.

Guess you could tag this as Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks featuring The Sneaky Mister, or the other way around, as you see fit.

1. Spring (Song of the Day #40)
Vox and cello: me
Guitars: Christopher and S.wee

2. Wayfarin' Stranger -- actual song doesn't start 'til almost halfway through
Vox and cello: me
Guitars: Christopher and S.wee

3. Unknown (Savannah)
Vox and guitar: S.wee
Cello and vox: me
Guitar: Christopher

4. Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills and Nash)
Vox and guitar: me
Awesome harmonica: Christopher
Guitar: S.wee


  1. wayfarin is absolutely beautiful

  2. Thank you! If you like the song, you should check out a version of it by one of my favorite bands, Dark Dark Dark. It's on their Love You, Bye EP.