26 February 2010

Song of the Day #39: "Things"


We have a song called "Thing," but it used to be called "Same," until there was another song called "Same," but that song was written by Forest so now "Thing" is going back to being "Same" and this song is called "Things."

I guess it would help if I didn't insist on giving all my songs one-word names, but I hate naming things--songs, paintings, everything, I'm just bad at it--and picking words out of the lyrics is just easier. Plus I've been doing it for months, I can't stop now.

39. Things

I have things in my room
That I bought with my money
That I want you to see
And you'll laugh, 'cause I'm funny
And I'll show what they do
And be saucy and sexy
And you'll like me so bad
Because I've got the prettiest things
And we'll do it on the carpet
Surrounded by all of my things

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