27 February 2010

Videos of "Rule," Both Versions


Hey, so there are actually two versions of "Rule": the ukulele version, which is in a minor; and the piano version, which is in a-flat minor and has a huge modulation to c minor in the chorus. The chords throughout are somewhat different as well.

Since I got the Casio I've been practicing it mostly on ukulele with the Casio rock beat in the background--a 4/4 beat, and then the 3/4 ukulele part over it (there'll be video of that too, soon).

P.S. I just re-inherited a Fender practice amp I bought with Forest, which makes the solo live arrangement complete for larger spaces. And in under an hour I'm practicing for the two shows next weekend with an awesome group of old buddies: Chris Caputo on drums, Noah Davis on guitar, and a crazy combination of Bo Riley and Kris Oprisch on bass (actually, they're just each playing one of the shows, not that interesting). Bo also may be sitting in with baritone ukulele on "Plain," which will be an adventure.

ALSO, for those of you who live in the New York area, I'm playing solo at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn on May 15th with Liana Stillman, Land of Dreams (Ben Richter), and Deborah Says Play from the Netherlands. Check it outz0r.

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