24 February 2010

Substitute for Song a Day


Today will be my day off from songwriting. Instead, I'm gonna go political on everyone's ass (everyone, like the 2 people who read this).

Today I saw this, writ by an old buddy, in my news feed on Facebook:

let me make this simple for you: if I can see your ribs, you are too fucking skinny. If you take up two seats at a plane, you are too fucking fat. Find a goddamn medium you are happy with, and you've found healthy. Jesus tap-dancing christ, is it REALLY that difficult to understand?

Now, being a person whose ribs have been pretty clearly visible my entire life, this person was obviously telling me as well as anyone else with my body type that I am unhealthy.

I also happened to read this almost immediately after eating an egg sandwich with cheese and ketchup, with a good handful of Whoppers for dessert (left over from my stay-at-home movie night). And in fact, not two days ago, a woman in the break room at work watched me eat my lunch and commented, "How can you eat all that and still have that figure?"

Well, because as my personal experience not to mention years of medical studies have indicated, it's not so much what you eat that makes you fat or thin, or even the amount or type of exercise you get, necessarily. It's Who You Are.

I can't stand skinny-hating because it applies to me; and I can't stand fat-hating because although I've never been fat, I eat what I like and don't see why I should be allowed and other people shouldn't because when they eat what they like, they happen to get fat. Not to mention that I've known countless fat people who did NOT eat what they liked, but were constantly dieting, and were still fat. Because it's Who They Are.

And instead of yelling at fat/skinny people to Be More Like "Us" and Find a Medium, why don't people just shut up and stop paying more attention to other people's bodies than they do to fucking anything else in the world? IT'S NOT YOUR BODY. It's not your BUSINESS. You have no RIGHT to judge people, no matter why they are fat or thin.


  1. Why are you facebook friends with that asshole?

  2. If this was on Facebook I would 'like' it.

  3. people bother me on my weight ALL THE TIME, and it drives me mad. you're right, why is someone else's body everyone else's concern? it's frustrating as all hell.

  4. I agree with your thoughts and your reaction exactly. I hate when people presume to know everything and speak for everyone -- as if the world revolves around them!

    Eating disorders are definitely serious business, but there are also people who are just thin no matter what they eat and who are just considered "fat" no matter what they eat. I hate when people label according to their proclaimed truths when they know nothing about what they are talking about.

    Healthy is *not* a weight or a size. It is so much more.