20 February 2010

Song of the Day #35: "Winter"


I have cabin fever. But it's almost March! And March is usually when we get our first day of 60-or-above weather, and after four or five months of frigid tundra-like conditions I usually celebrate by running around barefoot in a long, flowy skirt and eating picnics all over the place. Can't wait.

35. Winter

Fuck winter
Got a longing for springtime
Gotta get to the ocean
Sun, sky, sand
And a folk band

Fuck snowstorms
Precipitation needs thunder
And a porch to get under
Mint sun tea
Come on, make me

Also note, I finally bought the domain sneakymister.com and am working on a new WordPress site so this blog'll be migrating over there pretty soon. Also, I fixed all the Song a Day links, so everything is downloadable again.

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