19 February 2010

Song of the Day #34: "Try"


This song is selfish and judgmental as shit; but you know you feel the same about some folks, don't lie. I've had a few different jobs that have made me feel this way. The first was when I was canvassing for mandatory paid sick leave in Columbus. I can't count the number of upper-middle-class white polo-shirted folks who whined, "Well if we give them sick days they'll just take advantage," because of course low-wage workers are all slackers, but you, you with your salary and therefore technically unlimited sick leave, who wouldn't trust you?

And the second is my current job, where I have to listen hour after hour, day after day, to more upper-middle-class white polo-shirted folks (these ones from Orange County, even better) who believe that if you yell loud enough, you will get what you want, even if what you want is literally impossible.


34. Try

Weddings are stupid
Your children are stupid
I can't try

Private schools -- stupid
Social skills -- stupid
I can't try to like you

Growing old -- stupid
Staying young -- stupid
I can't try to like you


  1. I love you so much! It's so haunting, beautiful, real, judgmental and awesome. what is your current job?

  2. It's ukulele right? I know it's not the most complicated instrument but I think it's amazing how good you got at it! I mean, you're not just strumming chords anymore: it sounds so harp-like and gorgeous. I was craving beauty today, thank you so much for this!