01 April 2009

Milk and Cookies Release Information


The Sneaky Mister's Milk and Cookies will be officially released on Thursday, 21 May 2009. The album will be available five different places and formats:

  • here, as a free download, in a .zip archive of .mp3s, for three months

  • on Last.fm, as free individual track downloads, indefinitely

  • on CDbaby.com as an extremely limited run of 50 copies for $20 apiece. The limited run will be duplicated on Memorex CD-Rs, the CD faces and inserts will be hand-screenprinted, drawn, signed, and stuffed in standard clear jewel cases with a tray card -- not slimline cases.

  • also on CDbaby.com as a $3 download, permanently

  • on iTunes for their usual $9 download or whatever, permanently

So yeah, people'll have their pick, and you can totes get it for free, at least for a long while.

Meanwhile I'll keep uploading Milk and Cookies beta tracks for general enjoyment.


  1. Hurrah! You know which one I want.

  2. Will the mp3s be V0?

  3. They will simply Be. But if you must call them version something, then version 0 is as good as anything.

  4. Or. Yes, they will be V0, now that you've told me what it is.