30 March 2009

Upcoming Album Name Change


Yeah, I decided that I prefer Milk and Cookies to Milk and Cookies Room--even though the reason I picked that in the first place is it was this big, kind of creepy room in the basement of the synagogue I grew up going to, with big white pillars and a white tile floor, and the kindergarten rooms were off of it, and long before I was a kindergartner they used to serve milk and cookies in there. I was always struck by what a cheerful name had such a cheerless room. I especially remember it with the lights out. It echoed and I wouldn't go in there alone.

Anyway, tags have been duly altered.


  1. ooh, sweet tunes! can't wait for the album! pb ftw!!!

  2. Aw, I liked "Milk and Cookies Room"...

  3. Damn, now I'm conflicted.