26 March 2009

Welcome to My Audible Lair


The Sneaky Mister facts and figures:

  • The Sneaky Mister is my musical side project.

  • From 2007 to 2008, I did a couple little things, it was just sort of silly really.

  • From fall 2008 to May 2009, it was strictly Garage Band pop songs made on an iMac in the Senior Studios building at my college, usually while people were trying to paint.

  • Starting on 16 May 2009, it became a one-song-a-day project using Audacity on Thorpe, my Asus EeePC 901 running Eeebuntu, basically intended to keep me occupied and generate material for my band, The Alphabet, which later dissolved.

  • This is a blog because the project is a continuous work in progress and I'd rather let people in on the various song versions and videos and stories and lyrics changes as they happen than release an album all of a sudden and say nothing about it and get no feedback.

  • The name is purposefully misleading because I'm a woman but I am also a master.

  • Deep down, we are all women.

And some stuff about me, in paragraph format: I just graduated from art school near Boston, come from Ohio, run around Scotland when I can, and love adding to my extensive list of inane hobbies.


  1. ooh, sweet tunes! can't wait for the album! pb ftw!!!

  2. Yeah, Ian. Thanks. Thanks a lot. You're my besty.

  3. I'm sure this'll be the last time you ask me to comment on anything.

  4. so...can i get your contact information? I saw you play at whitehaus a few weeks ago and want you to play a venue in mission hill if you wanna.

    email me here if you're interested: slaughterhousegallery@gmail.com

  5. I think this is the only way a fan can contact you, curious how the other social media accounts and Pretty Balanced/The Alphabet ones are down as well... Its sad I didn't get to be there while you were active. I like your music and the lyrics really fascinate me in a warm way. I wish I'd knew how you are nowadays...