11 June 2011

JOYCE is Here.

Go here for gigs and music.


  1. First I was sad that Pavilion wasn't included, but I was still super excited. It was such a nice surprise when I finally found it after listening through everything!

    I love your new spin on your old songs! I'm gonna listen to it again now. I'll donate a couple of bucks again tomorrow.

    Thnks for being awesome.

  2. Judith,
    I first heard you when you featured at Don Whites open mic at the Walnut Street Cafe. I'm not sure what I expected to hear that, but I did not hear what I expected. I've rarely heard an artist as uniquely beautiful and ingenious as you sounded that night. You seem to have invented your own genre. And you have captured magic of those songs so beautifully on your EP's.

    I have been mentioning The Sneaky Mister to people I know. I hope your music gets the attention it deserves.

    Best of luck!
    John Boehmer