09 August 2010

Song of the Day #44: "Sickie"


Today was my third day with this horrendous cold, so I stayed home from work and caught up on sleep lost being unable to breathe, and once I was able to get out of bed I wrote a new song, and then made a ton of videos.

44. Sickie

When I stay home sick
With a cold I
Drink soup like my
Mother told me
To and even
Though I'm older
Now I put a
Record on and
Lie pretending
I am in the
Sky and that my
Bed is like a
Cloud and when I
Play pretend I'm
Louder than I
Ought to be 'cause
Now I'm all grown
Up you see and
Also have a cold

The Sneaky Mister: "Sickie"

The Sneaky Mister: "Sleep"

The Sneaky Mister: "Pavilion"

The Sneaky Mister: "Dog"

The Sneaky Mister: "Friend"


  1. just so you know, if you ever make a record i will buy ten copies.

  2. You are just so..........beautiful. That's not even the right word. But until I come up with something better, it fits.

  3. @Nick: your avatar. I love that movie.

    @D Swizzle & Robby: you guysssss. Thankssss.

  4. judith, i love you so much. you have changed my life in so many ways, which i will get into another time, but for now i just want to say i am so happy to see a new recording of dog, because that's my favorite. and friend! i love friend. so honest. it reminds me of feelings i had forgotten, or at least, specific manifestations of those feelings. you are the greatest, and i hope you put out a record soon.