18 February 2010

Pre-Song a Day Gibberish


I was working on a song for today called "Happy," and pretty much finished it before deciding the vocals sucked, so I'm gonna have to redo it tomorrow, but promise I'll put up two to make up for it. This is, obviously, very important, but only to me.

Meanwhile as I'm at work I want to brag about my computer.

The computer's temporary name is Mac. I think I've felt too awed lately to give it a real name. Suggestions are very welcome. It's a 13" Macbook Pro with 4G of RAM, and I put Final Cut Pro and Ableton Live on it, and also this really cute handy software for keeping track of my bills, and a dashboard widget that shows you going down a rollercoaster, and--

Anyway what this means is that Song a Day is going to generally get less lo-fi, and also I'm going to start making videos for everything.

My goal since I got re-employed has been building my studio, which is an exciting continuous task and should be done in just another month or two. And it's SO exciting that I'm going to share.

Stuff I need:
  • serger (a heavy-duty sewing machine, which does that multi-thread work you see on clothes you buy at the store)

  • dynamic and condenser microphones

  • shelves...holy god, I need shelves

  • speakers, because I seriously don't have and never have had speakers, just headphones

  • block press (super easy lo-tech press for making prints with soft linoleum blocks)

  • Polaroid film for the Polaroid camera I got for $3 at a secondhand store

  • a typewriter

Stuff I've managed to acquire:
  • mixer/DI box, mostly for live use; and I just ordered a tiny Behringer mixer for studio use

  • this MIDI keyboard, which I haven't used to its full capabilities at all, yet

  • a pretty cheap commercial HD camera and tripod

  • a typewriter...yeah, that's on the above list too 'cause the one I got from the thrift store didn't work. And I spent $50 to learn it was a lost cause

  • a dressform, red, named Miss Blossom (bonus points if you get the literary reference)

Which is all very lovely, and I'm definitely looking forward to moving it all to Boston in the fall. Which is sarcasm. But also not, because I love having the stuff I need to do the stuff I love, and I'm also going to love being in Boston. So.

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