03 October 2009

Song of the Day #30: "Gone v2"


I wrote a second verse and wanted to rerecord this, but my parents are sleeping and even if they weren't, there just aren't any instruments in the house that would make the sounds I wanted them to make. So I used my voice, and it was pretty cool.

I've been practicing the cello a lot. There's a pizzicato cello part now for "Friend," which means once I get my license renewed and can drive the cello to Columbus, there could be an all-string version of said song.

30. Gone v2

I like movies and I like parties
When I do stuff around you I get happy
But I don't wanna ask you over
And I don't wanna show up 'cause you might be
Or with your girlfriend

When I'm lonely I get frustrated
Why do things have to be so complicated
'Cause I do wanna ask you over
And I just wanna show up but you might be
Or with your girlfriend

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh I love this! It's so cooooolll!!!! You should do this to more of the 'The Sneaky Mister' songs.