09 September 2009

Song of the Day #24: "Rule"


Here is another song. It's called "Rule." The chorus was a drunken phrase warbling around in my brain one night this past weekend. I wrote it down. When I read it later it was actually pretty good. I'm not sure what a rule of a law is...maybe it's sort of redundant...but it fits so nicely in my mouth, I don't care much.

Just thought I'd let you know, by the way, that I've presented a number of Song of the Day material to the Alphaboys for Alphabet material. It was inevitable. We are thinking about a new album. Shh.

24. Rule

I'm testing you,
To find how you do the things that you feel,
The ones I don't understand
It's hard, being around you,
Watching you think
What do you think about? What do you think about?
When I start to believe that I understand
How you behave in ways that punish me
And punish me beautifully,
Have I uncovered
The rule of the law of the way that you are?

The rule of the law,
The rule of the law,
The rule of the law,
Of the way that you are.

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