16 May 2009

Song of the Day: "Suspenders"


I'm starting a new project. Since I'll be unemployed and overseas for six months starting June 11th, I figured a few regular projects wouldn't be a bad idea, you know, to keep the creative juices flowing and provide some deadlines.

So I'm going to write a song a day, starting today (theoretically; I don't actually expect myself not to miss a single day, but I'm gonna try) and I'm gonna record each one by any means necessary, which for the next week will be with this adorable little Yamaha keyboard belonging to my roommate, and put it up here for free download. Each song will be available for one month.

And to kick it off...........

1. Suspenders

My suspenders hang down on my butt
'Cause they don't really help when they're up on my shoulders
A redheaded kid let me have them
I helped him move out; they were under some folders
I helped his stepdad take the dresser
Down two flights of stairs, then I carried the bedding
I'd been trying to sell him my bed
Which I got for ten bucks from a couple in Reading

And I named the suspenders Muffin
Yes I named the suspenders Muffin


  1. I liked this song. It is a good song. I enjoyed it. It pleased me in a calm, non-perverted way.

  2. Why thanks, Roman. And thanks for listening. And thanks for not getting aroused.